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Ever since it's coming of age, back in 1846, the name Ulysse Nardin has been at the forefront of outstanding developments in the history of horology.

Ulysse was the founder who gave the necessary impulse to the house that still carries his name. His talent was devoted to sophisticated watches and pocket chronometers.

But it was his son Paul-David who developed an acute sense for technical innovations, resulting in improved functionality and precision. Curious by nature and always prepared to try new solutions, his name remains associated with the progress of chronometer history, particularly for the team work with Charles-Edouard Guillaume to optimize the escapement.

His year-to-year success and the numerous orders from shipyards and admiralties soon transformed the factory into a real manufacturing plant. If precision was the main concern of the company, the focus was not only aiming at chronometers, but generally speaking at all forms of timepieces. Thanks to the experience acquired in the manufacturing of pocket chronographs, Ulysse Nardin was among the early participants to the development of wrist-chronographs at the time of First World War.

Similarly, the company was also a leader in aesthetical innovations requiring skill and control of the most delicate techniques, like for instance coin watches and skeleton movements. The timepieces in the Specialties collection are a tribute to this glorious past.

IN Specialities COLLECTION:
Anniversary 160
Circus Minute Repeater
Freak 28'800 V/h
Freak Blue Phantom
Freak Diavolo
Freak Rolf 75
Genghis Khan Haute Joaillerie
Maxi Skeleton
Maxi Skeleton 45 mm
Planet Earth
Royal Blue Tourbillon
Royal Blue Tourbillon Haute Joaillerie
Safari Jaquemarts Minute Repeater
San Marco Cloisonné
Sonata Cathedral Dual Time
Sonata Silicium
The Imperial St. Petersburg
Triple Jack Minute Repeater
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