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Designed and handcrafted in Italy using the methods distinctive of Milan’s jewelry-making tradition, the Anniversary Collection is an extraordinary experience in light and substance.

Pendants – in pink gold and champagne diamonds or white gold and white diamonds – represent the leitmotif of this new collection. For this round polished shape, the metal is handcrafted piece by piece to achieve a special and utterly unique vintage finish created especially for Antonini.

Pink gold pendants sprinkled with champagne diamonds dangle from chains with asymmetrical links, sparkling with each and every movement. In the sportier version, openwork pendants on a black cord flaunt a surprising wave of diamonds along the edge.

Antonini loves interchangeable elements and proposes numbered ones – available in three sizes – that can be used as charms on bracelets, strung onto cords as pendants or slipped onto hoops to become earrings.

For white gold jewelry, Antonini has used a new nickel-free alloy – made exclusively of palladium – for the very first time, ensuring that the metal is completely non-allergic.

The collection contains all the elements that have helped establish the brand’s outstanding reputation since 1919, such as asymmetrical forms, the interplay of solids and voids, and the innovative combination of colors when it comes to materials. Each jewel, including the chains, is handcrafted through precision casting and the diamonds – carefully selected for quality – are set by hand.

Geometric perfection, surprising asymmetries and exquisite details have been the hallmark of Antonini jewelry since 1919. The lines of design, the perfect balance between volume and the chromatic value of stones, and the quality of handcrafted pieces are the three elements that come together in every Antonini jewel.

With passion, since 1919.

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