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Perpetual Calendars

A Revolution in the History of Watchmaking
For Ulysse Nardin’s 150th anniversary, Ludwig Oechslin created the Perpetual Ludwig. The only perpetual calendar in watch history to allow forwards and backwards adjustments of all calendar displays, i.e. the year, the month and the oversized date over the quick setting position of the crown.

The “Quick setting” Patent No. CH 680 630

All adjustments from the minute hand to the year indicator are synchronized. With a few rotations of the crown, all calendar displays can be moved forwards some days, a few months or even several years. If set too far ahead, the calendar can also be adjusted backwards. The year 2100 loses its stigma since all Ulysse Nardin perpetual calendars can be manually reset.

The Oversized Date Display Patent No. CH 688 671
The display consists of two discs, a Maltese cross for the tens and a ring for the units, which rotate on the same level and together form the double digit dates. This patented device automatically changes to the previous or next date if the hour hand is adjusted backward or forward across the date line.

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Perpetual Ludovico Limited Edition
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